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King Sardine is the leader in dynamic and effective marketing for small and medium sized businesses.

Hundreds of small businesses use KingSardine to manage and grow their business. Not only do you get the tools you need to scale, but you get the do-it-for-you marketing programs you need to grow — all in one platform. 

There is a mountain of challenges business owners and managers face every day. We set out to solve a critical segment of those challenges by making it easier for them to set and deploy integrated marketing campaigns that drive traffic and sales to their business. 

Common sense drives the approach for our customers, and there is nothing more simple or important than getting more sales for what you spend in marketing. We also understand that making the process simple for our customers who are under such high demands running small and medium-sized businesses is a tremendous value add. King Sardine’s “canned” marketing packages are designed to work (make sales/ grow your business) and created to serve the most important part of our economy, the small and medium-sized businesses that hold our community together.

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